Final Photobooks

Here are the 2 final Photobooks of my self-Negotiated project;

Nobody In Particular

I’m pleased with the outcome of this photo book. I have a concentrated selection of my best images, and they all flow. The message is an accumulation of the poetics of past spaces or our psycho-spatial association with our previous places of refuge. And also that life’s a gamble and I arrive in the present time after having looked back over what could have easily have been an alternative history. I believe the project works as a metaphor for my low self-esteem. And this is symbolised in the final shot of the leaf eclipsing the sun. That works as an ‘equivalent’ of my regret. I have left any information about myself out, other than my name, in keeping with the title being about nobody. There are just a couple of my favourite quotes from the film that influenced me, one at the beginning and one at the end.

Objectivity :

The message with this book, is linked with the first book, however the images stand alone as a brief personal portrait of my own identity. The viewer is left to make their own judgement on the individual. But I hope the images communicate a history. And I chose the title Objectivity, because it has many meanings associated, like the study of the external reality, or the object of one’s endeavours. But ultimately it’s the objective of the viewer to make a judgement.


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